Rev. Tom Kurai
The Taiko Center of Los Angeles was founded by Rev Tom Kurai to preserve the art of Japanese taiko drumming in the community.
Rev. Tom Kurai with Shih Wei Wu
Artistic Collaborations: 
TCLA collaborates regularly with koto artist Yukiko Matsuyama (www.kotoyuki.com) and Tsugaru shamisen artist, Mike Penny of Monsters of Shamisen and Fishtank Ensemble, former Kodo members, taiko soloist Shuichi Hidano and Hiroyuki Hayashida and his taikog ensemble from Japan, Zipang.

Taiko Center works closely with the Claremont Taiko directors, Denise Donovan. Denise manages the Taiko Center of LA and the Claremont Taiko. Denise Donovan and Miki Amen both are dancers and teachers at the Village Dance Studio in Claremont. 

Collaborations in the past have been with Lillian Nakano and the Sanmi Shamisen Ensemble, saxophonist, Japanese classical percussion group - Katada Kai, Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Organization, jazz saxophonist Francis Wong, pianist Glen Horiuchi, tap dance artists Fred Strikler,  Vivir Brazil, ELA Taiko, Quetzal, UCR Gamelan Ensemble, UCR Wind Ensemble, Gluck Tap Dance Ensemble, Riverside Community College Dance Dept, Rei Aoo Dance Planet and East Wind Chinese Lion Dancers, Riverside City College Tap Ensemble, Village Arts Dance Studio, Monsters of Shamisen, Japanese folk Minyo singer Matsutoyo Sato, Japanese contemporary music band Kotoyuki, Japanese folk Minyo singer Marisa Kosugi, Japanese folk music fusion band Minyo Station and percussionist Ray McNamara.